There’s a connection problem in the intelligence community.

Good security depends on connections—between needs and technology, and between technology and people. For too long, traditional security companies have failed their clients by taking a one-size-fits-all approach to threat detection, allowing connections to disintegrate, and leaving our country vulnerable to the next generation of threats.

We believe there is a better way.

We build stronger connections between technology, people, and their needs. Because without them, security gaps go undetected. Our security systems are fortified by the latest features, and optimized for ongoing version updates to remain vigilant against ever-evolving threats. And installation is just the beginning. We maintain relationships with all our clients to ensure they have the monitoring tools and clear workflows they need for continued readiness against
what lurks in the dark—today, tomorrow, and for as long as you need.


Our Capabilities

Enterprise level access control v2

Enterprise level access control

Intelligent video surveillance v2

Intelligent video surveillance

Intelligent intrusion detection v2

Intelligent intrusion detection

Enterprise security design:build v2

Enterprise security design/build

Critical infrastructure security design v2

Critical infrastructure security design

Federal Government LENEL VAR v2

Federal Government LENEL VAR

Supports multiple security platforms v2

Supports multiple security platforms

ICD 705:503 Security systems Accreditation Experience v2

ICD 705/503 Security systems Accreditation Experience


- 27 years’ experience serving FEDGOV/IC clients
- 27 years in government classified facilities
- Small, minority-owned business
- 72% of employees hold security clearances
- Full access to decision makers

Watching the backs of our country’s most elite watch dogs.

Keeping others out of your conversations by including you in all of ours.

See how we can design a more secure future for you.
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