We’re the eyes that watch the backs of our country’s most elite watch dogs.

Ariel Secure Technologies was founded in New Mexico in 1989. Like many small businesses, we relied on the relationships we fostered within our own communities to develop and support our company. We’ve grown a lot over the decades, but the importance we place on the people we work with and work for has remained as critical as ever.


When the alarm bells go off, we stick around.

The why behind a more vigilant eye.

Security isn’t about protecting buildings or perimeters. At the end of the day, it’s about protecting people: our fellow citizens, neighbors, and families. That’s why we never give up.


30 years serving FEDGOV/IC clients


More than 70% of our employees hold security clearances


Small, minority-owned business


Three things we never break: perimeters, promises and hearts.

A career at Ariel means working with people who go above and beyond in their work and for each other. Sound like you?

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